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Art Lesson Plans Sept. 5-8

No School Monday

Art 1 –

Positive/Negative Face – Due at the end of class Wednesday.

* Students will draw a profile of a face on the right side of their paper and then they will draw a profile on the left side of their paper.
* They will then connect the two profiles and create a vase.
* Next, students will draw different types of shapes, lines, patterns, etc. in the positive part of the vase. To create a unique design.
* They will need to fill in their designs with a sharpie.
* Once all sharpie and color is added they need to cut out the profile vase leaving on the negative vase shape.

Need Composition Book
* Art Element and Principle Vocabulary

Worksheet for composition book – Combination of Art Elements and principal drawings

* Blind Contour/Contour Drawings of their hand and shoe
*Students will first work on a blind contour (they will place a hole in the center of a scratch sheet of paper and then place that sheet of paper on a pencil.)
*This will not allow the student to look at what they are drawing
* Contour drawings are an excellent way to train the eye to draw what they really see rather than what they think is there.
*Students will pick a point on their hand and slowly journey around the contour or edge (blind contour)
*Remember when the eye begins to move so should the pencil. Do not pick up your pencil. Do not panic if your drawing of your ha d looks more like a squashed beetle.

Art 2

Value Project – Due end of class Thursday

*students will draw their arm an hand on a sheet of paper.
* inside the hand will be filled with at least 20 different sentences about themselves. These will be done in sharpie
*on the outside they can draw different images. The images will be different things about themselves and will be done in pencil using the different values they learned.



*Students will choose a word that means something to them
*They will turn that word into me (somethings that describes them or means something to them
*Students will then be given a sign language chart
*They will illustrate the word they have chosen in sign language in their drawing
*Students must include the wrist and as much of the arm as they want. Each hand must come off the edge of the paper.
*Once they have drawn each of their letters in sign language, they next need to create a background
*the background can be abstract or relevant to their word.

Art 3

Puzzle Art Installation Collaboration – Due end of class Tuesday

*Students will sketch out their design on their sheet of paper. They can make their puzzle piece any way or about anything you want.
Once designed they will cut their puzzle piece out of foam board.
They can collage, paint, draw, etc
Once all pieces are completed we will connect the puzzles pieces

Art Journal Techniques

* We will go thru several step by step techniques for them to use in their art journals.

Self Reflection Silhouette

You will first prime your canvas cloth
Next pick our your favorite color and paint the whole image.
Cut out your silhouette
Now start adding your images

* A portion of your favorite painting by your favorite artist
* Your favorite quote
*A lyric from your favorite song
* An image symbolizing your favorite season
*An image from your favorite movie
* Something you fear
*An image from a dream you’ve had
*A symbol that represents your personality
* are you a rope or chain
*Take the shape test and include your shape within your design
*Draw something about your family
* Add embellishments

Art 4

Working on their art works for Art Symposium

Supplies: markers, pencils, tape, paper, value pencils, drawing paper, ink pad, examples, foamboard, paint, canvas cloth, sign language charts, vocabulary words, etc

Modifications: Extended time for completion of assignment

Teks: 1.b, 2.b, 2.c, 3.c


Blind the Dragons

Fridays theme will be Blind the Dragons – Wear your Neon clothes


Father/Daughter Candid Slideshow


Oct Events

Friday is Terrorize the Tigers.  – Crazy Hair and Clothes


Next week is RED RIBBON WEEK

MONDAY @ 7:20 – Meet at the front of the school to tie red ribbons around the district.  Don’t be late.Our theme days for that week are as follows:

Monday- I believe in me.  – Wear Red
Tuesday – Be SUPER don’t do drugs- Super Hero Day
Wednesday -Be smart don’t start – Nerd Day
Thursday -Doing Drugs will “Haunt” your life – Halloween Costumes
Friday – Don’t let drugs drill your brain – Roughneck/Redneck day

Next, Stuco meeting Oct. 31 @ 7:40






Week of Sept 30- Oct 4

If you signed up for drinks, candy or chips for the Powder Puff game.  They are due MONDAY!!!!!!


Meeting at 7:40  POINT SHEETS ARE DUE!!

Powder Puff Game – if you are working you need to be there by 5:45  If you are playing you should be there by 6:30

Remember to tell your parents to come and eat.  We will be selling Pulled Pork Sandwich Plates with fries and a drink for $6

Friday is our 1st Blood Drive

If you signed up to bring individual bags of microwave popcorn they are due Oct. 8



Remember meeting this week:  Thursday @ 7:40 in Mrs. Taylor’s room

Also, if you signed up for candy your bag is due Wednesday.  DON’T FORGET


Subscribe to group message

Text to the following number 972-675-7212

Then in the message area type @a2792  hit send

You will then be signed up for group messages from me


September Happenings

Friday – Sept 6 Blind the Panthers – Wear your neon colors 1 point

Thursday – Sept 12 Miss Gregg County – remember if you go, find Mrs Taylor for your 5 points

Friday – Sept 13 Hunt the Panthers  (Duck Dynasty) Wear your camo 1 point

Next stuco meeting – Thursday Sept 19th at 7:40 3 points

Friday – Sept  20 Rock the Rebels – 80’s day 1 point

Work Morning – Tuesday Sept 24 at 7:30 3 points

Friday – Sept 27 – Pink out day and game

 Remember to sign up to help sell programs at all the home games.  4 points each  (Sept 13, 20 & 27)


Week of December 3-7

Meeting Wednesday December 12 at 7:40.

Christmas cards are due at at the meeting!

Christmas party is Tuesday December 18. Don’t forget to bring a drink and $10 gift card.


Red Ribbon Week Oct 29-Nov 2

Monday – Wear Red

Tuesday – Be Smart Don’t do Drugs – Nerd Day

Wednesday – Spook out Drugs – Halloween Costumes

Thursday – Look to the Future, Don’t Do Drugs – College or Team Jerseys

Friday – Maroon/ White – Homecoming

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